Appendix: Webhook Events and Payload

The following are the list of supported events and the corresponding payload information.

1. PPN Invoice Approved

This event occurs whenever the approval of a VAT invoice is completed. The approval could be either successfull or rejected.

Payload Details

Field Description Sample Value
npwp The npwp of the company owning the invoice 12.312.312.0-001.123
user_email The email of the user who created the invoice
event_name The name of the event. This would be PPN_INVOICE_APPROVED for Ppn Invoice approved event PPN_INVOICE_APPROVED
event_date The time of occurance of the event 2019-08-28T11:55:37.151Z
event_data.reference_number The reference number of the invoice 490e6ab5-3aa2-4e76-9569-c84aecc56c73
event_data.document_number The document number of the invoice 001-19.00000005
event_data.client_reference_id The client reference id of the invoice provided when the invoice was created
event_data.commercial_invoice_number The commercial invoice number of the invoice
event_data.tax_period The tax period of the invoice 2019/01
event_data.revision The revison of the invoice 0
event_data.type The type of the invoice approval (normal/replacement/cancellation) normal
event_data.approved Indicates if the approval is successful/rejected true
event_data.djp_response_message The response message from DJP. Approved Successfully
event_data.pdf_download_link The link to download the efaktur PDF.

Sample payload

  "npwp": "12.312.312.0-001.123",
  "user_email": "",
  "event_name": "PPN_INVOICE_APPROVED",
  "event_date": "2019-08-28T11:55:37.151Z",
  "event_data": {
    "reference_number": "490e6ab5-3aa2-4e76-9569-c84aecc56c73",
    "document_number": "001-19.00000005",
    "client_reference_id": "FC8C2DA9A924EB81DBC695E8A587F",
    "commercial_invoice_number": "INV/2019/I/0001-A",
    "tax_period": "2019/01",
    "revision": 0,
    "type": "normal",
    "approved": true,
    "djp_response_message": "Approved Successfully",
    "pdf_download_link": ""